Do you know… you can drive a lot of traffic and make money with your PLR products?


Yes, that’s true. People are crazy about private label rights products. Why, you may ask. Well, it’ simple. They can start their own online business ASAP or sell these products to make money.

Private Label Rights products are definitely the road to success for everyone. It’s a win-win solution. So, if you already own some of the PLR products than I must say you are too wise. If not, never mind. It’s never too late. Start working on it now to create your own product. It can be a software, script, e-book or video.

Remember, the quality matters a lot. If your PLR product is of good quality, you’ll get good number of visitors. And, if your PLR products are of the highest quality, you’ll get a non stop stream of visitors who’ll spread good words about your products and you’ll keep getting visitors and ultimately profits.

And the lifeblood of profiting from resell right products is to market them the right way… It can be very tough for some of you. But don’t worry that’s where we come in. If you’re looking for a place where to submit your PLR product, the answer is…

You can submit your PLR products to!!

Why you should submit your products to IDPLR?


IDplr is on the first page for top keywords like “plr products“, “private label rights products“, “plr software“, “plr videos” and many others which means that it receives laser targeted traffic. We will market your PLR product and literally boost it over the Internet. You would get instant exposure of your products. We are in this business since 2008 and we have over 76.000 members (new members are signing up every day) ready to market that product to their customers.

Our current record shows that whenever a new product is added, it has been downloaded thousands of times after it was announced to the members.

So don’t waste time… submit your product right now to receive more exposure and greater profits.

How can I submit my product?


You can submit your product via our email by clicking on the big red button below. You will need to provide us with your full name, tell us a little bit about yourself, link your website if you have one and submit both the product (in .PDF format) and your eCover.

Also, provide us with the product category that it belongs into, which license are you looking to submit your product with and the product title and detailed description.

Product submission FAQ

Do I have to be a member to submit a product?

No. but you must be the creator (owner). We will not accept your product if you have not developed/written it. You also can’t submit a product that you have bought with Private Label Rights.

In which type of membership (Silver or Gold) would my product be submitted?

It depends on your product quality and that’s what we decide after reviewing a product. If you have a good product with Sales letter and all the Graphics it would probably be submitted in Gold category and announced to the members. Products from the silver category are not announced.