Exclusive Franchise Opportunity!

Your Own Web Shop with 12,000
Digital Products to Sell

We are thrilled to offer a limited number of franchises for our successful digital products platform. Now you can own a fully functional, ready-made PLR shop filled with 12,000 digital products, similar to idplr.com.

idplr admin dashboard

What's Included:

A Fully Set-Up WordPress PLR Store

Your new web shop will be installed on your own hosting account and domain name. Built on WordPress, it includes the powerful Divi editor, allowing you to easily modify and personalize the design to suit your needs.

A Comprehensive Product Catalog

The PLR store comes pre-loaded with over 12,000 digital products, each accompanied by detailed descriptions, e-covers, preview files, and more.

Brandable PDF Licenses

All product licenses will be rebranded with your shop’s domain name and logo. Additionally, you can include a custom Readme file with your own content in each product.

Sell Memberships or Individul Products

The shop can be set up as a regular web store, membership site, or a combination of both. You can sell products individually through a shopping cart or offer bulk purchases via membership subscriptions. It’s your shop, and you keep 100% of the earnings.

Advanced Features and Tools

The shop is based on the most advanced platform to sell digital products available on the market today. We provide you with the same tools we use to manage our own membership sites. You’ll have access to:

    • A preview generator
    • HTML extractor
    • Automatic license creator
    • AI writer for generating new or rewriting existing product descriptions
    • Ongoing ability to publish new products, categories…
    • and much more (will be announced soon!)

Purchase Requirements


Basic WordPress Knowledge

While the PLR shop is largely automated, you will need some basic WordPress skills to manage tasks such as publishing new offers, installing plugins, and modifying the design. Comprehensive documentation will be provided, but a foundational understanding of WordPress is required.

Beta Release Considerations

This is a beta release, and while the platform has been well-tested on indigitalworks.com and idplr.com, some bugs may still exist. We commit to resolving most issues within 24-48 hours.

Serious Buyers Only

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This franchise opportunity is aimed at serious buyers who understand that building a successful business takes time and effort. Purchasing this ready-made PLR store will save you significant time and money, but you will still need to focus on marketing and driving traffic to attract clients.

Shop Requirements

  • Web Hosting and Domain Name
  • Payment Processor: To accept payments like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • aMember License (Optional): The shop is compatible with amember.com membership software to manage payments, users, membership plans, etc. It is not mandatory but highly recommended. You can check the pricing on their website.

How Does It Work?

STEP 1: Purchase and Installation

After you purchase the shop, we will install it on your own hosting account and domain name. It’s the same robust platform we use for idplr.com. You can use it to publish and sell your own products, and it comes with numerous features like a preview generator, HTML extractor, and more, to make your shop stand out.

STEP 2: API Registration

You will register for API access, which will connect your shop to our cloud server. This connection will populate your shop with 12,000 digital products hosted on our cloud server. Your shop will receive all descriptions, categories, and images pulled directly from our server. In essence, it will be identical to idplr.com but with a different design.

STEP 3: Sell The Prodcuts

You pay us only $0.04 per product download from your store. For instance, if you sell a product for $5, you pay us $0.04 for the download, so your earnings would be $4.96 per sale.

* The fee per download can be reduced to $0.01 if you purchase the higher credit package, or free with monthly subscription.


You will have the ability to modify product details such as ecovers, descriptions, categories, and more, but you won’t be able to change the product Terms. This restriction is necessary to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the products.


    • Platform Only (Without Products): $297
    • Full PLR Shop (Platform + 12,000 Products): $997 + Franchise Fee

Shop Includes:

    • Free Installation: We provide complimentary installation in 48 hours after you deliver us hosting panel logins.
    • Free Technical Support: Purchase includes ongoing technical support to ensure your shop runs smoothly.
    • 100 API Credits: This allows you to sell 100 products before needing to purchase additional credits.
    • 10GB of Storage: You have 10GB of space to publish your own products.
    • 50,000 Words for AI Writer: You can use our AI writer to generate up to 50,000 words for product descriptions and other text needs.

Franchise Fee

The shop with 12.000 products requires additional Franchise download fee. There are 2 options available; credits (API) charge or monthly subscription. You can check each below.

Your shop includes an initial 100 API credits. Once these credits are spent, you can purchase additional credits as needed. The prices are following:

    • 1000 credits – $39 ($0.04 per download)
    • 2500 credits – $87 ($0.035 per download)
    • 5000 credits – $147 ($0.030 per download)
    • 10,000 credits – $247 ($0.025 per download)
    • 20,000 credits – $397 ($0.020 per download)
    • 50,000 credits – $747 ($0.015 per download)
    • 100,000 credits – $997 ($0.01 per download)


    • 1 product download = 1 credit
    • Only first download counts. If the same user downloads the same product multiple times, you will only be charged 1 credit.
    • You are not charged when someone downloads products that you have published to the store yourself. You are charged credits only when someone downloads any of the 12,000 products available.
    • Credits do not expire over time, they are only spent upon product download. You can purchase the 100,000 credits package if you want to achieve lower expenses per download.
    • Credits will be available in your account instantly after the purchase

Instead of using API credits, you can opt for unlimited downloads with a monthly subscription:

  • $149 per month
  • $99 per month if paid yearly
  • $69 per month if paid 2 years in advance


  • If you have credits on your account and opt for the monthly subscription, the credits won’t be consumed as long as your monthly subscription is active.
  • You can use both credits and the subscription option. For example, if you plan a promotion with a high number of downloads, you can purchase a one-month subscription. This will preserve your credits, and once the monthly subscription expires, your shop will resume using credits, ensuring no downtime.

Limited Availability

We are releasing only 5 PLR shops in this initial offering, starting on July 8, 2024.

All spots are filled. We will release another batch soon. To stay updated, please sign up for our newsletter or open a Franchise ticket.

Secure Your Spot

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Important: While opening a Franchise ticket does not guarantee your purchase in this initial batch, it improves your chances for future releases.

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Get In Touch

For additional information or to discuss this opportunity in detail, feel free to contact us directly.

Video Tutorials (More Coming Soon)

More Information About the Shop and Offer

- July 5, 2024

The shop will be installed on your own hosting and domain. All product files (zip archives) are hosted on our cloud server, which connects to your store via API.

Our cloud server handles all resource-intensive tasks and automation scripts, such as preview generation, HTML extraction, video/audio conversion, image resizing, zip manipulation, PDF license creation and rebranding, and more. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a high-performance shop while only paying for standard, budget-friendly web hosting.

We will install the shop on your hosting account and domain. You will need to provide us with your hosting login credentials. Once the setup is complete, you can change them for security purposes.

The shop comes pre-configured with all necessary plugins for proper functionality. WordPress offers thousands of plugins to expand your shop, but since they are from third-party developers, we cannot guarantee they won’t cause conflicts. If any issues arise with our shop plugins, we will fix them for free. However, if the issues involve other third-party plugins, you will need to resolve them with their respective developers.


  • aMember.com software to manage users and payments is required. You must purchase an aMember license separately and provide us the license key. We will handle the installation and setup. 
  • You can edit the prices for the 12,000 products, but the minimum prices should be $1 for ebooks and $2 for products/packages with video or audio.
  • If you intend to sell membership plans, please be aware that the maximum download limit is 200 products per user per day. This limit is generally more than sufficient for legitimate users. However, we recommend setting a lower limit to ensure users download only the products they need, which will help conserve your API credits. For example, we set a limit of 50-75 downloads per day on our membership plans.

Platform Only

In addition to the shop with 12,000 products, you also have the option to purchase the shop platform without any pre-loaded products. All other features and upgrade options are the same as those offered with the 12,000-product shop. There is no API charge (download fee) when you purchase the platform only.

PRO Package (Optional)

The PRO package is not mandatory as the shop works great out of the box, but it offers certain advantages and can save you money. When you purchase the PRO package, you will receive the following:

  • Increased storage space from 10GB to 100GB
  • 250,000 words per month for the AI copywriter
  • eCover Creator comes with all 10 models (instead of 2).
  • Two new digital products per month (available in your shop).
  • Priority support
  • The following PRO plugins will be installed in your shop:

— RankMath PRO (rankmath.com)
— AI Engine PRO (meowapps.com/ai-engine)
— Popup Builder (popup-builder.com)

Price: $59 per month (get a 50% discount when paid yearly – $29,50 per month).

Shop Design

When you purchase the shop, you can choose from five different shop designs. You can preview them below. Please note that we are still making some final tweaks, so there may be minor bugs.


Your shop comes equipped with the Divi visual editor, allowing you to easily modify the design. Once the shop is installed, it is not possible to switch from one design to another. However, since all designs are created with Divi, you can easily redesign any of them. You can check out the Divi here, or try the demo.

Technical Support

We provide technical support for the Shop Plugin that we developed. This includes bug fixes, upgrades, and security updates, all free of charge. However, to receive new features for the plugin and shop, you will need to subscribe to our paid support plan. The cost for paid support is $80 per year. When you purchase the shop, it includes 6 months of paid support. After these 6 months, we will continue to offer technical support, but new features will only be available with the paid support plan.

Currently, we do not offer technical support for plugins developed by third-party developers. While we may assist with minor issues that arise, for more complex problems, you will need to contact the plugin developers directly.

Your Responsibilities

As the shop owner, you are responsible for:

  • Collecting payments and providing technical support to your customers.
  • Managing your WordPress shop layout, design, pages, plugins, and backups.
  • Implementing security measures. While our recommended setup has never had security issues, installing poorly coded plugins yourself could expose your site to risks. Your shop comes with the All In One Security plugin installed, which protects against the most known threats.

Transparent Pricing and Credit System

We want to be transparent about our pricing. All expenses are listed on this page, and when you purchase the shop, there are no hidden charges or upsells.

Developing, hosting, and maintaining the features you receive with the shop typically requires ongoing subscription fees. However, in addition to recurring monthly and yearly fees, we’ve decided to use a credit billing system also.

Upon purchase, you will receive 100 API credits, which equates to 100 product downloads. If you don’t sell any products or charge for access to your shop, you won’t consume any credits. Credits are only used when users download products, not for browsing, viewing the store, using automation scripts, or any other activities. Your shop can remain live and available indefinitely without any ongoing fees (except for your website hosting).

Credits never expire. With the highest credit package, each download costs only $0.01—a minor fee considering the extensive features you receive. Additionally, credits are only consumed when clients download a product for the first time; subsequent downloads by the same client for the same product do not use additional credits.

This setup is designed to be fair, particularly for those just starting out. Our goal is to provide a powerful, cost-effective solution that allows you to grow your business without the burden of recurring charges.

Here are a few more important details:

– Your shop includes 10GB of storage space for your products. If you use up all 10GB, you won’t be able to upload additional products until you upgrade to more space. However, your shop will still be fully functional, allowing users to register, browse, and download products.

– You also receive 50,000 words for AI rewrites. Once you use these 50,000 words, you’ll need to upgrade for more words or use your own AI API key to continue using the AI rewriting feature.

– Paid support is not necessary. Bug fixes and technical support are provided free of charge indefinitely. Paid support offers future shop upgrades and new features but is not required for the shop to function.

– The PRO package is optional and not needed initially. It offers increased storage to 100GB, more AI rewriting words, and additional benefits. This package might be beneficial as your shop grows and you start making sales, but it is not required to begin using the shop.

Shop Delivery

Your online shop will be fully set up within 48 hours of receiving your payment and the following details:

1. Hosting Account Logins: Please provide access credentials for your hosting control panel (such as cPanel, DirectAdmin – FTP is not sufficient).
2. aMember License Key

Once we receive these, we will install the shop on your hosting account and send you all the necessary login details along with step-by-step instructions.