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Product Terms Explained

Every PLR product you can download from IDPLR has its own specific terms regarding what you, as a member, are entitled to do with it.

When you visit each PLR product’s page, you’ll see a list of all the permissions (or “terms”) you are given. Next to every term is a Yes or No, indicating whether you’re entitled to that particular action.

Product Terms Explanations

Can be sold
Indicates whether you can sell the product and keep 100% of the profits.

Can be used for Personal Use
Indicates whether you can use the product for your own personal learning. Also indicates whether you can create an original product based on the content and information contained in this product (for example, you create an online ecourse that teaches website development based on the information and knowledge you gained from reading one of our PLR ebooks).

Can be packaged with other products
Indicates whether you can sell this product within a bundle or “package” of other products (either IDPLR products or your own).

Pro Tip: A great way to increase the likelihood of sales is to bundle together multiple products within the same niche. You can also create an original eCover for your bundle using our eCover Design software.

Can modify/change the product
Indicates whether you can change any part of the product, its branding, or its authorship/creator (rewrite, add/remove content, rename, rebrand, claim as your own, or any other modification).

Can modify/change the graphics and ecover
Indicates whether you can change the product’s graphics (not any part of the product itself) in order to make it unique.

Can place your name on the sales letter
Indicates whether you can place your name in the product’s sales letter (if one is included) as the author or creator of the product.

Can modify/change the sales letter
Indicates whether you can modify or rewrite any part of the product’s sales letter (if one is included). This includes adding or removing content, testimonials, bonuses, other information, etc, or using another sales letter entirely.

Pro Tip: To create a new design for your sales letter, you can use our landing page software which comes free to Gold lifetime members.

Can be added to paid membership websites
Indicates whether you can allow access to the product through a paid membership at your website.

Can be added to free membership websites
Indicates whether you can allow access to the product through a free membership or registration at your website.

Can print/publish for offline publishing
Indicates whether you can print this product (such as an ebook) and sell it as a physical copy.

Can convey and sell the Personal Use Rights
Indicates whether you can sell this product only for Personal Use (i.e. your customers cannot resell the product)

Can convey and sell the Resale Rights
Indicates whether you can sell this product for both Personal Use and resale (i.e. your customer can resell the product only for Personal Use if they choose).

Pro Tip: Offering the Resale Rights to a product for an additional fee (as an “upsell” to the Personal Use product) is a great strategy to earn additional profit from a single product.

Can convey and sell the Master Resale Rights
Indicates whether you can sell this product for both Personal Use and Resale, and can also sell the Resale Rights to your own customers.

Pro Tip: Offering the Master Resale Rights to a product for an additional fee (as an “upsell” to the Personal Use/Resale product) is a great strategy to earn additional profit from a single product.

Can convey and sell the Private Label Rights
Indicates whether you can sell this product for both Personal Use, Resale, and Master Resale Rights. You can also sell this product with the Resale and Master Resale rights to your customers (i.e. they can get access to Resale and Master Resale Rights themselves).

Pro Tip: Offering the Private Label Rights to a product for an additional fee (an “upsell” to the Personal Use/Resale/Master Resale product) is a great strategy to earn additional profit from a single product.

Can be used to build a mailing list
Indicates whether you can give this product away for free in exchange for a visitor’s email address or other information (this is different to giving it away for free, since people must provide their information to get access to the product).

Can be offered as a bonus
Indicates whether you can offer the product as a free bonus or “add-on” to another product you’re selling to help increase sales.

Can be given away for free
Indicates whether you can give the product away for nothing in return (i.e. people can download the product from your website for free without needing to provide an email address or any other information).

Getting started

You probably want to start selling ASAP!

First, you need a product to sell! Start by browsing through our catalogue of PLR products by placing your cursor over the “Products” or “Free Products” drop-down menus at the top of the page. You can also perform a detailed search (based on type, niche, title, etc) for specific products or use quick “Search” at the top of the page.

NOTE: if you have an IDPLR free membership, you’ll only be able to access and sell the products under the “Free Products” menu. If you’d like to get access to the entire catalogue of 12,590 PLR products, upgrade to a Gold Membership by clicking here to visit the Gold Membership plans page.

Not sure where to start? Here are 23 ideas for using our PLR products to start making money


  1. Convert them into incredible website or blog content
    People flock to websites that provide valuable information. Fill your website with the content from our products and attract more visitors.
  2. Sell them on popular e-commerce sites
    Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Tradebit, and others.

  3. Create your own online store or membership site
    Sell our products instantly, as is, or modify them for a unique offer.

    BONUS: As an IDPLR member you have access to free web hosting. And you can use our automatic script installer to effortlessly install an online store or membership system.

  4. Use their content for an ongoing newsletter
    Keep your email subscribers excited about your business by regularly sending out valuable information they can put into use.

  5. Use them for autoresponder emails or eCourse content
    Build trust with your email subscribers by sending them valuable content for free. Then offer your digital product as premium paid content.

  6. Reach more customers with a Joint Venture
    Collaborate with other Internet marketers in your niche (or a related niche) and offer special packages to your larger combined customer base.

  7. Capture email addresses by offering a free signup bonus
    Build a large email list by offering free products when people sign up.

  8. Make an ecourse and give it away to subscribers
    Feed your email subscribers with a series of emails comprising an eCourse. This is a great opportunity to show them value they love and promote other products that you offer.

  9. Make passive income from Google AdSense on your website
    Sign up for Google AdSense and display Google advertisements on your PLR product website. You’ll get paid every time a visitor clicks an ad.

  10. Give them to customers as bonuses for buying other products
    People are more likely to buy from you when you offer additional incentives for purchasing your primary product(s).

  11. Boost your affiliate campaign sales
    Get more buyers by offering free bonus products to people who purchase your affiliate product.

  12. Use our products to create your own digital product
    Create a truly unique and valuable original product by combining the information and knowledge found in our PLR products.

    Pro tip: if your product is something truly awesome, having affiliate marketers promote and sell it for you is a great way to bring in higher potential revenue for your business.

  13. Use the content to create high quality video tutorials
    Sell the tutorials in a package, give them away as a bonus, or use them to get traffic and and gain followers on Youtube or Vimeo.

  14. Use the content to create audiobooks or podcasts
    Reach new customers who prefer to listen to ebooks, ecourses, or articles in audio form.

  15. Develop a mobile app using the content
    Tap into the huge mobile market by using a PLR product’s content to create a paid app or free app which offers in-app purchases.

  16. Increase their value with physical copies
    Print physical books or reports and reach people who prefer physical copies.

  17. "Flip" the products for higher profit
    Modify the products, add extra value, and sell it at a higher price at popular marketplaces like Flippa or WarriorForum.

  18. Get free publicity with press releases
    Write up a press release describing the product and submit it to press release websites. This brings traffic to your site and establishes high quality, permanent backlinks to enhance your site’s SEO.

  19. Rewrite the content and submit it to blogs or article directories
    High quality, informative articles or blog posts bring traffic to your website and establish backlinks to help other visitors to find it.

  20. Create DVD or CD copies
    People like to get stuff sent to their address. Put the PLR product into CD or DVD form and ship them to your customers.

  21. Turn them into a webinar to attract interested customers
    Use the content for a high-value webinar that helps build your email list and sell other products that you offer.

  22. Translate them into different languages and reach more customers
    Reach a larger, untapped market where there’s less competition.

  23. Learn the information for your own use
    Increase your own knowledge of business and other valuable skills.


Starting a PLR business isn’t as complicated as you might think!

We’ll show you everything you need to know to build your PLR business from scratch and start selling products ASAP, even if you’re a complete newbie.

Let’s get to it!

Access tutorials on our training page.

Product Request

Found any MRR/PLR product that is not listed on our site? Just let us know. We want to make sure you can get any digital product you can dream of.

So if you’ve got a certain kind of product in mind and you can’t find it in our catalogue of 12,590 PLR products, we’ll get it for you through one of two methods:

  1. If you’ve found a digital product on the Internet that isn’t offered in IDPLR’s catalogue, send us the link and we’ll purchase the product and its PLR rights. Then we’ll make it available to you in our catalogue for free. Simplyfill out form with URL to product you'd like to have.


  2. We’ll have our team of professional product developers create it for you. As soon as it’s “hot off the press” we’ll add it to our catalogue and you’ll have access to it for free. Simply fill out form with product details you'd like to have.


New product ideas will be placed in queue on our product creation schedule. You will get the product once it is completed as part of the regular membership.

GOLD Membership Bonuses

The following bonuses are for Gold Lifetime and 1 year members. If you are not able to download them, you will have to upgrade your membership.

Premium Web Hosting

Premium Web Hosting

Your Gold Lifetime membership includes 10GB of hosting space where you can host unlimited websites (domains) for yourself or for your clients. This is a PLR (Private Label Rights) hosting which means that you can even rebrand the cPanels and start a hosting company under your own brand! The entire hosting offer is explained on our hosting page here.

  • Register for a hosting account here
  • Access your hosting account here
  • Access Tutorials here
Access to 200,000 PLR articles

Access to 200,000 PLR articles

You can learn more about ContentXpress on official website here.

You can register to ContentXpress on the members area page by clicking on "ContentXpress Access" link under Active Resources.

WP Sales Copy (WP Plugin)

WP Sales Copy (WP Plugin)

Click here to download the plugin 

Instructions: Install the plugin as usual WP plugin.

eCover Creator Software

eCover Creator Software

Create UNLIMITED 3D covers for your product or package. To access the software, click here (you must have a gold membership to access).

eCover Software (PLR version - only for Gold Lifetime members)



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  1. Access statistic page to see how many free members you have referred to our website. We will pay you up to $0.20* for every free member. If they upgrade to a Gold membership later, you will also be paid 35% commission.
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  2. Access leads page where you can see information about every member you referred. You can browse your leads, see their signup date and other data so that you know our tracking software works perfectly.

  3. Access affiliate bonus page where you can enter a link to a page on your website offering a special bonus for your leads if they purchase a Gold membership. If they upgrade to Gold, the link to your website (bonus) will become visible. Offering a special bonus to people if they upgrade is a great way to increase conversions and we highly recommend it!   Don’t forget to promote your bonus along with your affiliate link.

    (Your leads will see the bonus link only if they upgrade their membership from Free to Gold and you will earn 35% commission from their purchase).