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What we are about to show you is something revolutionary in the affiliate marketing world! It’s something that has never been seen before! And the best part is…


Let us explain how you can make money by promoting IDPLR…

Our affiliate offer is run through Clickbank, one of the largest, most reliable affiliate networks in the world.

To start, you must have a Clickbank account so if you don’t have one, you can sign up here:

Once you sign up, you’ll receive 35% commission for every Gold membership you refer to us.  This is paid directly by Clickbank every 2 weeks.

You’ll also get your own affiliate link that’s unique to you. This is the link you’ll be promoting that will give you credit for each sale. Your link will look like this:

You would have to replace xxxxx with your username on clickbank. You get your username when you sign up.

(Clickbank will also encrypt your link so it won’t look like the above. You can use either Clickbank’s encrypted link or the one above. Both will work.)



Our own proprietary software has many benefits that using ClickBank’s affiliate system alone will not give you. However, using both those systems combined will give you a powerhouse of power that’s unique in the industry!

Here’s what our software adds…

Our software automatically shortens and cloaks your affiliate link, so customers will trust it and click more often.
This is a proven method to increased conversions and generate more sales.

Our software adds your referrals as sub-users of you and keeps track of each person’s name and email address.
This means you are building your list while you refer people to us and this means you have a list of customers you can market to over and over again.

This gives you a huge advantage because building your list when promoting affiliate products is something that’s not usually possible. Usually, when promoting affiliate products, you’re building the vendor’s list, not your own.

Not here though! It’s something that makes us stand apart from the rest!

Using our software will earn you up to $.20* for each person that registers on our site for a free membership.
These commissions are paid by us on a monthly basis. Now I ask you… ”Who else pays you for referring free members?”

Yes you can earn more by promoting IDPLR because we pay you for free members. Plus you can cloak your link and build your list in the process!

This means our software solves 2 of the biggest problems you’ll face as an affiliate marketer… the often complicated process of cloaking and shortening your links, and the lack of list building tools when promoting affiliate products!


These issues are a thing of the past!

Here’s how to use your new cloaked affiliate link


When you enter your Clickbank username, our software will mask your ugly ClickBank affiliate link and provide you with 2 methods to promote…


The software will create a custom html page with your Clickbank tracking code embed inside. You would then upload that page to your website and point visitors to it’s URL.

For instance, if your website is on domain:, the URL the software will generate and the one you will promote would be:

The page will contain your masked Clickbank affiliate code embedded within it, which will redirect visitor to our website. Since the page will be hosted on your website and will look like just another page on your site, the user will never know that it’s an affiliate link.

However, the power comes in because the affiliate link is there and you will get paid for every sale you refer to us!


If the above method is not suitable for some reason, say you’re not comfortable uploading html pages to your website, or you don’t have a website at all, this method might be preferable.

In addition to the custom page, which the software creates by default, the software will also create a custom affiliate link which looks much nicer than standard clickbank link. So instead of pointing your visitors to the regular Clickbank link that looks like this:

the software will create a cloaked link that will look like this:

Using our software will not only mask your link and build your list, but it will give you a commission of up to $.20* for each free member your refer (paid by us), and give you a 35% commission (paid by ClickBank) of all free members that upgrade to a Gold membership.


This is all done in the background, with no set up on your part!


Compared to the usual Clickbank products, where you only get paid for 1 sale per customer, with no link cloaking and no email list, this is a game changer!

We are proud to say… ONLY HERE AT IDPLR can you get these advanced features!

You’re Now Ready To Start Making Money By Promoting FREE IDPLR Memberships!

Here’s the best way to get started…


Place Your Affiliate Link

Drive traffic to your affiliate promotions by posting the newly generated affiliate page on your website or blog, or post the software generated link on your Facebook pages, social media accounts, run paid traffic or any other traffic generation methods.


Earn For FREE Members

When visitors turn into free members – you receive up to .20* per free member.


Earn 35% On Sales

When Free members upgrade to Gold membership – you receive 35% commission.  On average, 20% of free members upgrade. That means if you refer 100 free members, you’ll make 20 sales at 35% commission which could be up to $500.00 per 100 referrals!


Build Your LEADS List

Check your affiliate statistics within our software. There is no need to leave our site to see detailed statistics and earnings of your referrals.

To recap, here’s what you need to know:


01     Sign up for your ClickBank account if you don’t already have one.

02    Enter your username in the form below to use our software.

03    Start promoting your software generated webpage, or the software generated link, or both.

04    Watch the money come in!


If you have any questions, we are here for you. Just create a support ticket and we will be happy to answer them and offer our expert advice.

Unable to use ClickBank?

If your country in not listed on Clickbank, or you’re not able to use Clickbank for some other reason, please contact us, either through our helpdesk or by sending us an email.


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