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          Did You Know? Your Email Promotions Are Competing with Tens of Other Emails, All Fighting for Your Customer's Attention. Are You Sure Yours Is Going to Win?

          Are You Ready to Discover Three Hidden Secrets to Write Super-Responsive, Profit-Pulling Emails and Triple Your Sales?

          Email Marketing Is As HOT As It Used to Be A Few Years Back, But Your Competition Is Now More and Stronger.

          Find Out How to Still Be the #1 Attention Winner In Your Customers Inbox!

          How many sales do you usually make every time you send an email to your opt-in list?

          Now remembering that number, how would you like to learn an easy method to double or even triple it?

          Because in the next 3 minutes, you are going to find out something shocking to help you make your emails so responsive that you never had seen before.

          Let's do the simple math here...

          You can have a list of 5,000 subscribers and make 50 sales at $30 each from your email promotion to make a profit of $1,500...

          So to double your profits, you can either try hard to double your list to 10,000 subscribers in several months...

          Or you can simply double your email effectiveness and double your sales from the same number of subscribers - making 100 sales from your list.

          So you see how it's much easier and more effective to easily make your email convert more instead of trying to double your list?

          Well, the good news is, this is just what you're going to discover here today...

          Introducing… Responsive Email Marketing Tutorials

          Here's a break down on what you will learn in this video series:

          1. Why Writing Responsive Emails Determines your list success[5 minutes and 38 seconds]Did you know that "how" you write your promotional or content based emails is a large determining factor as to whether someone takes the necessary action to click a link or buy a product? In this video, you'll get a brief introduction of this video series, but most importantly the main concept as to how you can create a responsive email list.

          2. Brainstorming[4 minutes and 22 seconds]There are several basic concepts you need to understand before you get started with writing your emails. You'll also learn what tools you must have, and how to understand the purpose of writing your emails beforehand. Brainstorming is one step most people tend to skip and by not planning ahead, you will decrease the conversion rate of your emails. So in this video, you'll learn how to brainstorm and plan ahead.

          3. Different types of Promo Emails You Can Write[6 minutes and 18 seconds]There is more than just one way way to write a promotional email. Did you know that if you know what type of email you are about to write ahead of time, you can write it a certain way to allow you to write easy to read and exciting emails.? In this video, you'll be shown several examples of real life and tested emails, so that you can get a better understanding of how you can write them yourself.

          4. Mistakes to avoid when writing your promo emails[5 minutes and 56 seconds]Most people tell you what you should do, but what about what you should NOT do? In this video, you'll be given a list of things you should avoid doing and of course, things you should not forget to do. By making these mistakes, they can often prevent your subscribers from taking the necessary action. This is taken from real life experience, so you can avoid the same mistakes we made.

          5. Importance Of A Good Email Subject Line[10 minutes and 14 seconds]The email subject line can often determine whether your subscriber will click the Delete, Spam, or Open button. Just like the beginning or heading of a sales page, you need to ensure that you have a good email subject line that creates curiosity. So you're goal is to get them to open the email, so your email body can do the job of getting them to take the certain action that you require. You will be shown how you can write good subject lines, and several examples of proven subject lines that can grab attention.

          6. How to Format your Emails For Easier Reading[3 minutes and 34 seconds]Writing copy is only half of the requirements. People do judge a book by it's cover, unfortunately. In this case, if your emails are not formatted correctly and it's hard to read, then you can forget about your subscribers reading your email. You'll be pointed to a free email formatting tool that you can use to make your emails look nicer.

          7. Importance of a good Email Body[5 minutes and 20 seconds]Once you've created a good subject line, and formatted your emails, your subscribers will hit your email body copy. This is the next step before getting your readers to take the necessary action. So writing good email body copy that incites curiosity and interest is important. You'll learn tips on getting your email read and understand how people will often respond to your writing style.

          8. How to get your readers to take action[5 minutes]Great, now you've created an email that has got your subscribers attentions. But now you got to get them to take a specific action, whether it is to click a link, email you back, or whatever. You'll learn a few techniques on how to do this on also how to write the P.S., which is generally sums up your emails. The P.S. area is where a subscriber's eyes tend to go to, especially when they are scanning the email.

          By making this easy investment today, you are going to gain a powerful skill to boost sales with every email promotion you send from now own.


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