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        Power Branding For Affiliate Marketers

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        See Salespage of this product. Additional pages: Order, Oto, Tx basic, Tx rights
        See 07 UsingBrandingTools Flash of this product.

        How Expert Affiliate Marketers Brand Private Label Videos for Affiliate Marketing Purposes and How You Can Do Exactly the Same - Even If You Don't Have a Clue Where to Start!

        In this video series, it will be assumed that you know nothing about branding videos for affiliate marketing, simply to cover all bases. If you know a little bit about it or you know a good amount, you will learn something from these videos. The videos are straight to the point because who wants long videos that go on and on; and end up wasting your time?

        Here is what you'll learn from the videos in detail:

        * What You Need to Know to Get Started

        - Knowing what to expect before branding your videos for affiliate purposes is very important. This way you are prepared and you'll be able to understand shortcuts that will get you to your goal quicker. Assuming you know what niche market you want to go into, the first thing you'll need to know is what you want to brand. - Secondly, is how to find videos that give you the legal rights to brand them. Just because a video is out there on the 'net does NOT mean that you have the right to brand it! - Are you be branding just the videos or will you be branding html pages? Depending on what your goal is, different methods can be applied to different situations. This is a good question to ask yourself, but if you say yes to both of them, you'll learn both in this video series to cover all bases.

        * What tools you need before starting the branding process

        - Knowing what tools you need is necessary to get you at the starting point. No more being in the dark wondering how you get from point A to point D. Now, depending on your approach to branding the video, different tools are available to you either paid or free. We'll go over which tools you need to complete your project goal and which tools are optional, yet cover different needs that you may have.

        * How to brand AVI, or other Video files using Windows Movie Maker

        - Sometimes different video sources will give you different video formats. Generally videos with Private Label Rights come in either AVI, Flash, or Camtasia formats. You'll learn how to adjust how you brand your videos by adding introduction screens, ending screens, logos, and more to your videos using Windows Movie Maker. WMM can do basic video branding and is a free tool. You'l also learn how to create introductions and ending screens using simple image creation programs like Paint, the free Windows tool.

        * How to brand AVI, Camtasia, or other Video files using Camtasia Studio

        - Just as we showed you how to brand videos using Windows Movie Maker, we'll take it further to the next step by showing you how to do the same, yet a little more. Camtasia is a very powerful, even though it costs money to use. It goes above and beyond most branding methods. In this video, you'll also learn how to brand your videos by adding introduction screens, ending screens, logos, and more to your videos using Camtasia.

        * How to brand AVI, MOV, or other Video files using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

        - Some video types that are included can be .MOV files which sometimes cannot be handled by certain video producer softwares. Adobe Premiere Elements, the light version, can take a larger variety of video types, which is nice and can do a large amount of branding as well.- In this video, you will learn how to add logos, intros and ending screens by using this program. If you don't want to dish out a lot of money, this would be a nice tool to use because it is simple to use.

        * How to Create Flash HTML Video Pages manually

        - In this video you will learn how to create simple video pages for promoting affiliate programs or your own product. You will learn a two step process that is so easy to understand and will have you making your own video pages within minutes after viewing this easy to learn technique.- How to speed the process of branding by using Video Branding tools To do things manually, it takes time. Although you learn how to manually produce video pages and brand videos within less than 15-20 minutes, there are a few tools out there that can help you speed the process up. We'll go over a few of these tools briefly.


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