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SMF Video Tutorials

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Overwhelmed by a Simple Machines Forum Installation? Get Your Head Out Of Those Complicated & Confusing e-Books - Discover How To Install, Configure, And Customize A Simple Machines Forum With These Simple, Easy-To-Follow Video Tutorials!

Introducing Simple Machines Forum Video Tutorials - Learning The Ins and Outs Of Simple Machines Forums Is Easy With The Right Tools!

Simple Machines Forum Video Tutorials are unlike any other SMF guides available. This incredible program was developed to help beginners wade through the complicated waters of SMF installation, configuration & customization. No one else will show you down to the most minute steps, how to set up an SMF with such ease. Think of all the frustration and complicated instructions you’ll be avoiding. This was designed for beginners. Even the most inexperienced users can coast through the SMF process with this training course - it’s that simple. We walk you through each and every step to help you set up your Simple Machines Forum, including fundamental information on:

* Simple Install

* Manual Install

* Terminology

* Features & Options

* Server Settings

* Themes & Layouts

* Customization Tips

and more!

This amazing course will teach you everything you need to know, simple as that. Read below for further details about each video:

* Video 01 : Series Intro - In this video you will be introduced to the entire Simple Machines Forum Video Series. In addition to having a heads-up as to what lies ahead in this video series, this video can also be a possible promotional video if you plan to resell any of these videos.

* Video 02 : Simple Install - In Video 02 you will see just how easy installing your new forum can be by using this method. Don't blink when you are using this method, you'll miss it – it’s that fast & easy.

* Video 03 : Manual Install - As the name implies, Video 03 is going to take you through the manual steps to install your Simple Machines Forum. Just as easy as the simple method in Video 02 but several more steps - we will hold your hand through every one of those steps until it is installed.

* Video 04 : Terminology - In this video you will learn some of the basic lingo used in the world of forums - namely Simple Machines Forum, to be precise. Some of these terms are obvious in their meaning, but some are less clear.

19 Aug 2009
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