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      Unclaimed Money Finder's Guide

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      Would You Like To Take A Ride On The Next Money Making Rising Star?

      Every year billions of dollars in unclaimed money and property is turned over to the State by companies who cannot locate the owners. Unclaimed money and property in the form of bank saving accounts, safety deposit vaults, deposit certificates, estates owned, money orders that were not cashed, insurance policies that are terminated or matured, term deposits, non refunded utility deposits and many other sources. Companies cannot hold on to money owed to another indefinitely. When the company cannot find the property owner, the money must be handed over to the State. State laws require the remittance of unclaimed money, from:

      # banking and financial organizations

      # insurance companies

      # utilities companies

      # loan companies

      # safety deposit box contents

      # public and private pension proceeds

      # landlords, retailers, and other companies and institutions that collect money in trust.

      What is unclaimed money? Unclaimed Money is tangible or intangible property that is unclaimed by its rightful owner after a significant period of time. Various states and government agencies have programs to return these funds to the rightful owners.

      Many States Unclaimed Property Divisions are understaffed and cannot update regularly. A few governmental agencies acting as custodians for individual's and business's unclaimed money have no incentive, in general, to make it easy for the billions of dollars to be found and thus claimed. It has come to our attention that the authorities of a few states do very little to contact the rightful owners of unclaimed money. Moreover, other states have enacted legislation that enables the state to compensate budgetary deficits by using some of these funds. These problem was compounded by loopholes in state laws and red-tapism. In other words, little is being done to notify the rightful owners that they are entitled to unclaimed money.

      This is where the opportunity for you to earn $200 or more an hour presents itself. The majority of unclaimed money owners do not know they have unclaimed money available to them. The small number that are aware or believe that they are entittled, do not know how to search for and claim their lost assets. As a Money Finder, you assist these individual locate their missing assets and collect a commission for doing so. You only collect a commission when you reunite some one with their unclaimed property and you only contact those individuals that you are 100% sure are the rightful owners of the unclaimed property. The Unclaimed Money Finder's Guide explains it all.

      * It doesn't require that you learn any new or special skills!


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