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        Total Body Weight Transformation

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            • Module1-TrainingGuide
              • Total Bodyweight Ebook.pdf
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            • Module2-CheatSheet
              • Total Bodyweight Transformation Diet Cheat-Sheet.pdf
            • Module3-MindMap
              • Bodyweight-Transformation-mindmap.pdf
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            • Module4-ResourceReport
              • Total Bodyweight Transformation Resource Sheet.pdf
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              • Total Bodyweight Transformation Front End Sales Video.mp4
            • Module7-LegalPages
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            • Module9-Articles
              • A Ten Minute Full Body Workout That Anyone Can Use.txt
              • Gymnastic Rings Are a Fantastic Purchase for Home Gym Owners.txt
              • How to Train Your Legs With Bodyweight Exercises.txt
              • More Ways to Engage Muscle Fiber Without Weights.txt
              • Other Forms of Exercise That Incorporate Bodyweight Training.txt
              • The Best Household Items You Can Use to Create Challenging Bodyweight Exercises.txt
              • The Complete Guide to Building Awesome Abs.txt
              • The Weirdest Bodyweight Exercises That Everyone Should Do.txt
              • Why Bodyweight Training Outdoors is the Ultimate Workout.txt
              • Why Mechanical Drop Sets Are the Secret to Successful Bodyweight Training.txt
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        Do You Want To Burn Fat And Build Muscle? Discover How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life Without Ever Stepping Foot Into A Gym!

        It’s so simple… but bodyweight training might well be the one thing you need to start making some major changes in your life. Not to say that you necessarily need to be making changes… But if you’re looking for a way to build more muscle, to lose fat, to feel healthier and better about yourself and to be pumped full of energy – bodyweight training can do all that.

        And this is true even if you have failed to get into shape with other training programs in the past. In fact, bodyweight training is the perfect antidote for anyone who has struggled with regular workouts. Whether you tried running, lifting weights or anything else – bodyweight training presents an answer that is easier, faster and more effective – and that’s more likely to help you get the results you’re looking for.

        Even if you have been successful with other programs in the past – bodyweight training can be the perfect addition to your routine and can help you to get even better benefits even more quickly. And it’s a different kind of fitness and strength you’ll enjoy too. You’ll be strong but you’ll also be perfectly proportioned, more full of energy and even more agile.

        Bodyweight training gives you power like a coiled spring! At this point, the first question you might be asking is: why bodyweight training? What’s so different about working out with your own body? 

        Why do people succeed with this type of exercise when all else has failed? Let’s take a look at some pretty convincing reasons that bodyweight training is what you need...

        Below are the chapters that you are about to explore:

        • Chapter 1. Introduction
        • Chapter 2. Why Your Old Workouts Failed
        • Chapter 3. The SSE Workout – Super Simple and Effective!
        • Chapter 4. How to Build BIG Muscle With Bodyweight Training
        • Chapter 5. Burn Fat, Build Strength and Improve Your Health
        • Chapter 6. The Sticking Point – Biceps
        • Chapter 7. A Glossary of Exercises
        • Chapter 8. Conclusion


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