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        See Sales Letter of this product. Additional pages: Thankyou

        Have The Rules Of List Building Changed?

        hey say that the money is in the list. But what a lot of contemporary marketers usually don't tell you is, "WHAT kind of list?" Let's cut the chase. You are here now because you want to make money online - A LOT OF MONEY - but you don't have a precise idea how to.

        Sure, you probably realize that the one thing in common all these marketing pros have in common is a mailing list of their own with a strong following.

        That's how these email marketers have been able to generate bursts of thousands - even tens of thousands of dollars - in short periods of time... often in just a few hours after blasting a promotion email to their lists!

        How would you like to have power like that at your finger tips?

        Sounds too good to be true? Well, that's EXACTLY what these guys have been doing for years and years. But you must understand: to achieve phenomenal results like this you must first build a list.

        When you build yourself a sizable list of followers who gave you permission to email them, it's very possible to be seeing sales notifications like this rolling into your Inbox by the time you wake up the next morning.

        Here's What You'll Learn In This Amazing Course:

        * How to build yourself a hot list of rabid buyers using 5 different, highly effective methods!

        * WARNING: this is powerful stuff that will blow a newbie's mind and it's not everything that you know so well of. So even if you don't have an existing list yet, don't worry because all of these methods are guaranteed to be workable and can be done from scratch!

        * How to get other people to willingly send you THEIR buyers list! You know how protective other marketers are especially if they perceive you as their competitor. Try to do an ad swap and often what happens is that they are willing to do it with their general list, but will NEVER, EVER touch their buyers list to do a cross promotion with you.

        * So How? Discover how I get my 'competitors' to willingly and voluntarily send me their buyers list without resorting to a mutual ad swap or a cross promotion!

        * How to use viral reports to build yourself a buyers list - I am NOT about to suggest you give your report away and offer it with Give Away Rights. Matter of fact, I advise against that because you usually wind up with a freebie seekers list, if not the casual prospects. Find out how you can tap into customers many levels away from you and still get their leads!

        * How to be perceived as 'authority figure' which is equally important if you want people to like or trust you... and learn how to accomplish this while building the customers list! (Though not indirectly)

        * 'Launch jacking methods' that will build your customers list from these product launches you're promoting online!

        * And how to take advantage of product launches every week to build yourself a NICE, HOT customers list! Some people think product launches happening everyday can be boring and tiresome. But when you know how to monetize from these launches the way I do, you will be thankful for launches happening everyday!

        * NOTE: you don't have to take advantage of every single product launch - even a conservative once a week or once a month will do. Act and leverage on a good launch and you'll see new buyers leads pouring into your autoresponder faster than you could have done on your own in months!

        * 4 great places to look for Joint Ventures and people who will help you in your quest to build your buyers list from scratch!

        * Finding them is just half the game... Master the art of persuasion and I reveal 4 critical points in your proposal to build your buyers list when approaching other marketers and 'competitors'. If you want to build your buyers list with other people's help, you need to have this downpat or risk getting ignored or declined.

        * How to maximize your newly build list of buyers for recurring profits!


        And much, much more!


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