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Online Organization

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It is important to make time to keep your computer organized and free from clutter .... let's go over some good tools you can use to help organize your computer!

Just being online can really eat into not just your time but it can cause chaos in your life. You may feel as though you are not getting things done, yet the clock ticks away so quickly. 

So how is it that by the end of the day you feel tired and overworked, yet don't have much to show for your efforts?

Whether you are actively pursuing an online business or just using the internet for pleasure, it is easy to get entangled in non-important activities. Take a look at how much time you spend on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. How often do you check your email?

While these things sound trivial they can really eat into your time. It is so easy to log into one of your social sites and get caught up in a conversation. 

What was supposed to only take 10 minutes ends up taking an hour or more. Do this a couple of times a day and you can see where your time goes.

To overcome this you may want to look at using tools such as time management apps that can help you manage your daily tasks. You can set timers and clocks to send off an alarm to let you know that your scheduled time is up.

If you do a lot of research and take lots of notes you should consider using something such as Evernote to keep everything in one place. 

This is a much better idea than saving hundreds of notepad files and placing them in different folders. How on earth can you find anything quickly?

Inside this report, you are about to learn the following information:

  • Simple Ways to Organize Your Online Activities
  • Organizing Yourself Online
  • Organizing Your Social Media Accounts
  • Using Google Drive to Stay Organized
  • Project Management Tools
  • Organizational Tools for Your Computer
  • Online Support Systems
  • Online Storage Services
  • Evernote to Organize Your Life
  • Efficient Time Management Tools
  • And so much more...
20 Jun 2014
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