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        Living With An Alcoholic PLR Article

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          • Living With An Alcoholic
            • Living with an Alcoholic Articles
              • Attend-parties-that-do-not-serve-alcohol.txt
              • Avoid-having-alcohol-in-the-home.txt
              • Avoiding-alcohol-related-arguments.txt
              • Changing-your-own-drinking-habits.txt
              • Coping-with-abusive-behavior-of-the-alcoholic.txt
              • Do-not-become-an-enabler-when-you-live-with-an-alcoholic.txt
              • Domestic-voilence-when-living-with-an-alcoholic.txt
              • Friends-and-family-can-help-with-alcoholic-problems.txt
              • Help-the-alcoholic-before-they-hit-bottom.txt
              • Helping-your-alcoholic-child.txt
              • How-to-avoid-getting-discouraged-when-living-with-an-alcoholic.txt
              • How-to-help-an-alcoholic-stop-drinking.txt
              • How-to-help-the-alcoholic-jion-aa.txt
              • Join-a-co-dependency-group-when-you-live-with-an-alcoholic.txt
              • Join-al-anon-when-you-live-with-an-alcoholic.txt
              • Life-with-an-alcoholic-may-not-be-possible.txt
              • Living-with-an-alcoholic-that-says-i'm-sorry.txt
              • Living-with-the-alcoholic-that-pushes-you-away.txt
              • Living-with-the-lies-and-deceit-from-the-alcoholic.txt
              • Never-accuse-the-alcoholic-of-being-an-alcoholic.txt
              • Never-make-excuses-for-the-alcoholic.txt
              • Offer-love-and-conversation-to-the-alcoholic.txt
              • Protect-the-children-from-alcohol-abuse.txt
              • Talking-to-children-about-the-alcoholic-parent.txt
              • You-are-the-responsible-one-when-you-live-with-an-alcoholic.txt
            • Living with an Alcoholic In Your Life.doc
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        Living with an alcoholic in your life can make life seem impossible.  Every day you are walking on eggshells.  Life may be stressful, uncertain, or just plain bad.  One thing is certain.  It is never easy living with an alcoholic in your life.

        Living with an alcoholic means that you have a person in your life who you cannot count on.  If this person is a spouse then you have someone who should have you as a priority but has alcohol as a priority instead.  You cannot count on this person even for day to day tasks because you never know when the need for alcohol will interfere with their life and with yours and you will have to pick up the slack.

        Alcohol creates distance.  When a person is so totally focused on obtaining and imbibing alcohol then that becomes the main relationship in that person's life.  It is not their significant other, their children, or even their job.  The one relationship is the one that they have with alcohol.  All their desire, all their effort goes into their dance with alcohol.  Everything else becomes secondary.  

        This dependence upon alcohol turns your every interaction with this person into a struggle.  This constant push and pull is one that you cannot win.  The siren call of drinking is too loud to be drowned out by voices not firmly lodged in the alcoholic's head.  You may scream for hours, but the voices inside the alcoholic's head which tell them to drink never stop.  You can try, but you will tire long before the desire for alcohol does.

        Below are more information and article titles that you are about to get inside:

        • Attend parties that do not serve alcohol
        • Avoid having alcohol in the home
        • Avoiding alcohol related arguments
        • Changing your own drinking habits
        • Coping with abusive behavior of the alcoholic
        • Do not become an enabler when you live win an alcoholic
        • Friends and family can help with alcoholic problems
        • Join Al anon when you live with an alcoholic
        • Living with an alcoholic that pushes you away
        • And so much more...


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