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        Brandable Report Creation For Newbies

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        Discover How To Get Others To Happily Build Your List and Affiliate Army of Salesmen, For Free.

        Now You Can Create Brandable Reports That Will Spread Like Wildfire - Starting Today! Finally, Put Your Product Sales on Automation!

        Introducing the "Brandable Report Creation For Newbies" Video Series!

        So what's in this video series that will help jump start your sales?

        This video series is packed with quick shortcuts that will save you time, with high quality and detailed methods that you'll be able to use for years to come.

        Here are the six videos:

        1) Introduction - The Right Software Tools: [5 minutes and 39 seconds] Creating Brandable reports is actually quite easy. In this video, you'll get a brief overview of the video series, what you need to know beforehand, and let's not forget...what tools we will be using to accomplish this task.

        2) How to add Re-brandable tags to your report, document, etc [9 minutes and 1 second] Different branding softwares may be slightly different, but for the most part they use similar tagging methods. While we will be using one type of brander, you can apply this concept to other types of branders of your choice. You'll learn how to create basic tags, up to more complex hyperlinked tags such as affiliate links, etc.

        3) Convert the report into a correct PDF format [3 minutes and 23 seconds] Did you know that there are different types of PDF files? Well, there are and if you create your PDF in a specific ways, some branders will not be able to fully make a PDF brandable. No worries though; you will be pointed to a free software to help you create the correct PDF files for this particular purpose of branding.

        4) Making the Tagged PDF Report Brandable Ready for Distribution [2 minutes and 49 seconds] So once you have created the PDF file, you still need to make the PDF compatible to the software brander. In this video you'll learn how to do just that, and to make the PDF report or document ready for your affiliates and report sellers to start branding.

        5) Viral Marketing: Build Your list and Affiliate Army [8 minutes and 39 seconds] Viral Marketing is a powerful type of marketing that if done correctly, will allow you to spread your product, in this case, your report very rapidly. You will learn several methods and several websites you can apply these methods at, to help give you a jump start to spreading your report like wildfire. By spreading your report rapidly, you will be able to build your list and affiliate army for years to come.

        6) Video For Report Receivers: How to Re-Brand the PDF report [2 minutes and 33 seconds] After you create your brandable report or document, you will need to tell those who want to brand your report how to do just that. You can feel free to give this video to them.


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