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            How To Set Up & Use Wordpress

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              • HowToSetUpUseWordpress
                • How To Set Up & Use Wordpress
                  • SetUpWP-Flash-RR
                    • Flash
                      • 1-install-wp
                        • 1-install-wp.flv
                        • 1-install-wp.js
                        • 1-install-wp_config.xml
                        • 1-install-wp_controller.swf
                        • 1-install-wp_nofp_bg.gif
                        • 1-install-wp_preload.swf
                        • FlashTemplate.css
                        • ProductionInfo.xml
                        • _clickhere.html
                        • swfobject.js
                      • 2-basic-setup
                        • 2-basic-setup.flv
                        • 2-basic-setup.js
                        • 2-basic-setup_config.xml
                        • 2-basic-setup_controller.swf
                        • 2-basic-setup_nofp_bg.gif
                        • 2-basic-setup_preload.swf
                        • FlashTemplate.css
                        • ProductionInfo.xml
                        • _clickhere.html
                        • swfobject.js
                      • 3-set-appearance
                        • 3-set-appearance.flv
                        • 3-set-appearance.js
                        • 3-set-appearance_config.xml
                        • 3-set-appearance_controller.swf
                        • 3-set-appearance_nofp_bg.gif
                        • 3-set-appearance_preload.swf
                        • FlashTemplate.css
                        • ProductionInfo.xml
                        • _clickhere.html
                        • swfobject.js
                      • 4-content-setup
                        • 4-content-setup.flv
                        • 4-content-setup.js
                        • 4-content-setup_config.xml
                        • 4-content-setup_controller.swf
                        • 4-content-setup_nofp_bg.gif
                        • 4-content-setup_preload.swf
                        • FlashTemplate.css
                        • ProductionInfo.xml
                        • _clickhere.html
                        • swfobject.js
                      • 5-essentail-plugins
                        • 5-essentail-plugins.flv
                        • 5-essentail-plugins.js
                        • 5-essentail-plugins_config.xml
                        • 5-essentail-plugins_controller.swf
                        • 5-essentail-plugins_nofp_bg.gif
                        • 5-essentail-plugins_preload.swf
                        • FlashTemplate.css
                        • ProductionInfo.xml
                        • _clickhere.html
                        • swfobject.js
                      • 6-multi-blogging
                        • 6-multi-blogging.flv
                        • 6-multi-blogging.js
                        • 6-multi-blogging_config.xml
                        • 6-multi-blogging_controller.swf
                        • 6-multi-blogging_nofp_bg.gif
                        • 6-multi-blogging_preload.swf
                        • FlashTemplate.css
                        • ProductionInfo.xml
                        • _clickhere.html
                        • swfobject.js
                      • 7-setting-up-sites
                        • 7-setting-up-sites.flv
                        • 7-setting-up-sites.js
                        • 7-setting-up-sites_config.xml
                        • 7-setting-up-sites_controller.swf
                        • 7-setting-up-sites_nofp_bg.gif
                        • 7-setting-up-sites_preload.swf
                        • FlashTemplate.css
                        • ProductionInfo.xml
                        • _clickhere.html
                        • swfobject.js
                  • SetUpWP-Theater-RR
                    • Theater
                      • 1-install-wp.flv
                      • 2-basic-setup.flv
                      • 3-set-appearance.flv
                      • 4-content-setup.flv
                      • 5-essentail-plugins.flv
                      • 6-multi-blogging.flv
                      • 7-setting-up-sites.flv
                      • _clickhere.html
                      • cam_embed.js
                      • preload.swf
                      • swfobject.js
                      • theater_config.xml
                      • theater_controller.swf
                  • SetUpWP-iPod-RR
                    • iPod
                      • 1-install-wp.m4v
                      • 2-basic-setup.m4v
                      • 3-set-appearance.m4v
                      • 4-content-setup.m4v
                      • 5-essentail-plugins.m4v
                      • 6-multi-blogging.m4v
                      • 7-setting-up-sites.m4v
                  • SetUpWPDocs-RR
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                      • resources-master.pdf
                    • Website
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                          • footer.jpg
                          • header.jpg
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                          • order-350.jpg
                      • download-page-rename-me.html
                      • index.html
                  • Resell Rights License.pdf
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            See Website of this product. Additional pages: Download page rename me
            Additional pages: clickhere
            Additional pages: clickhere
            Additional pages: clickhere
            Additional pages: clickhere
            Additional pages: clickhere
            Additional pages: clickhere
            Additional pages: clickhere
            Additional pages: clickhere

            Brand new video series shows you exactly how to set up and use Wordpress 3.X and it's cool new features!

            Now there is no reason you shouldn't be able to use Wordpress for all your website needs! Powerful version 3.X is here. Tutorials include instructions on the new multi-site feature!

            By now almost anyone who spends time blogging or creating website knows about the advantages of Wordpress. Even people that are just starting to blog know that Wordpress is a far superior platform no matter what their intended use.

            And Wordpress has come a long way from the clunky days of even a year ago. Look at the control panel of an older Wordpress blog before version 2.5:

            This interface is a lot more intuitive. So you see if you haven't looked at Wordpress for a long time it is time to come back and take another look.

            Version 3.X of Wordpress is like a whole different and offers a far better blogging and site design experience.

            Here are a few of the things that make Wordpress 3.X far superior to other platforms:

            * Static or blog style home page.

            * Thousands of site designs to choose from.

            * A new default theme with easy customization tools

            * Automatic install of plugins and themes

            * Easy installation

            * Custom Menus

            * Child themes

            and my favorite - Multi site functionality. Run unlimited blogs from one install

            Wordpress has done some great things in version 3.X. One of the greatest things they did (in my opinion) in integrate Wordpress MU within version 3.X. That means you can run a blog farm or a blogging service from one install of Wordpress.

            The new default theme is attractive and very easy to customize with integrated tools for changing colors and site header. Custom menus are integrated as well.

            Child themes enable you to make changes to any theme without touching the original code. That way if a theme is updated you do not lose the changes you made.

            This version of Wordpress is really far superior to any blogging platform out there.

            Don't forget, Wordpress is much more than a blogging platform. You can use it to design entire sites quickly and easily!

            You really need to start using Wordpress to enhance your internet business.

            I will show you exactly how to install and set up Wordpress and use the advanced functions that are new to version 3.X. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in my video series.

            Here is just some of what you will learn:

            * How to install Wordpress

            * Basic Setup

            * Install themes and plugins from the interface

            * How to use child themes

            * How to use custom menus

            * How to create a multi-site installation

            and much more.....

            You have just found a resource that will walk you through the new Wordpress step by step. Get your sites up today!


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